Pharmacy Social Media Packages

Social Media For Pharmacy

Social media — whether blog posts, Facebook announcements, or Twitter messages — have become great tools for communicating and engaging with colleagues and patients. Building a social network and engaging with the community is critical for Independent Pharmacy. Independent pharmacists who own their own stores should consider using Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to attract customers and build a sense of community.

Social media enable pharmacists to join interest groups and interact with every member of each group. They can share information, recommendations, reviews, photos, videos, and links to internet sites devoted to pharmacy issues and health matters.

Social media offer a way to interact with pharmacy patients/customers on a daily (or more frequent) basis, making them an ideal supplement to regular marketing tools.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) has a statement on their website encouraging pharmacy professionals to use social media to connect to and educate the public.

Social media marketing strategy

Implementation guidelines

Software recommendations

Social media audit

Competitive analysis

Social profile creation

Badge creation and strategy

Widget strategy development

Blog design, setup and/or optimization

Blog strategy development

Community building strategy development

Community monitoring

Fees are charged in advance. No Contract No minimum commitment.

Graphic Design

If you would custom branding and design work for your profiles, we offer custom graphic design services at $300 for the first profile, and $100 per subsequent profile. Our design rate for general tasks (e.g, coupons, promotions, brochures etc) is billed at $100/hr


If you prefer to do your own social media marketing, we offer training at $150/hr. If you would like a consultant to be on-site, please provide all travel expenses and arrangement.

Custom Campaigns

There are various situations where a custom campaign is necessary. For example, special product promotions, contests or events. These plans are quoted based on the complexity and project requirements.