123 Business Services Ltd.

Create responsive websites quickly and easily with Google Sites and Google Drive, Calendar and Maps integration.

Create intranets and securely share content from your Google Drive that adapts its design to whatever device the viewer uses.


Cost effective internet & website solutions


$1000 + $100/hr

Most sites are designed within the initial fee for the overall theme and homepage. Work on extra pages we charge at the hourly rate.

What we need

Photos, Brochure, Text matter and other material what you need to include in website.

Share all digital content in Google Drive

Websites for Individual - Now only $500

No hosting - No recurring charge - Just need your custom Domain name


*Note, these prices are subject to change and quotes can be different based on the complexity of your particular project. Costs can be higher or lower depending on your needs, budget and timeline.

Web Services

Domain Registration



Custom Webhosting

Free Webhosting for Charity/Non-profit ( contact for more detail )

Custom web application hosting